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As an author I enjoy creating content…. I am currently working on my new book “Internet Marketing Synergy” I am currently looking for a ghostwriter to finish the polish on it.

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I love being a Photojournalist, as I travel the world delivering training I am also able to covering stores that I normally would not get to do.

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As a Photographer I travel the world being able to see things not always available to others

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Public Speaker

As a speaker I have presented to over 250,000 students over the past 15 years

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Web Designer

As a designer, I come from a teaching so I enjoy working with small businesses and clients to increase their web designs to bring more clients, with my background I bring the marketing side to all the designs. I do not offer links to my clients, because of a few weird phone calls to clients in the past from potential clients call my clients and competitors calling after see my client list.

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Wed Design

If you are interested in Mr. Brown as a web designer, please look around this site


Mr Brown enjoys public speaking, and Training


Divi will change the way you build websites forever. The advanced page builder makes it possible to build truly dynamic pages without learning code.

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You may purchase copies of IMS as well as purchase consulting time on the shopping section… Oh and this is an example of a shopping cart

As a public speaker Mr. Brown has presented to over 250,000 if you would like to see more about his speaking and training.

Internet Marketing Synergy – The newest book from George Brown is a manual to synergize your real world marketing with your internet marketing.

To purchase an advance copy you can go to the shopping cart or click here

Internet Marketing Synergy cover the major 6 areas required to create synergy:
– 1) Create Content
– 2) Deliver the content
– 3) Retain visitors
– 4) SEO Search Engine Optimization
– 5) SNM Social Network Marketing
– 6) SMM Social Media Marketing

As a photographer….

As a Web Designer…

First let me tell you a quick story… 5 years ago I use to post my portfolio showing my clients and the work I did for them. Then I started losing my clients and started getting calls from them, telling me they were getting calls. Two types of calls, one was sales calls telling them they could do a better job for a quarter of the price. The second type of calls was potential clients asking how I did and what was the price I charged. Which without notice is bad enough, but they were getting 10+ calls a day.

So no more online portfolio, Not real clients

This is a good example of showing WordPress versatility…. In this design I used a limited number of pages to show several model’s portfolio. Take a look around the site and you will find and easy integration of ┬ávideo, which I created into the pages themselves.

Using readily made “plugins” – such as the ones displaying the photographs you can create great effects.

After you reviewed the… Here is another example of a similar subject but different look. This is also a good example of sub-domain management. A domain of course is but then you can make a subdomain which would be but in this case I created an entire website where normally only a page would be: under the Photography directory then installed a WordPress engine, then create a custom theme

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